We provide researchers with new opportunities through the use of language technology.

Nationella språkbanken (The National Language Bank of Sweden) creates opportunities to study digital text and speech materials using tools and methods at the intersection of language technology and AI.

Språkbanken Text finns på Institutionen för svenska språket vid Göteborgs universitet.

Språkbanken Tal finns på avdelningen för tal, musik och hörsel på Kungliga tekniska högskolan (KTH) i Stockholm.

Språkbanken Sam finns på Institutet för språk och folkminnen i Göteborg, Stockholm och Uppsala.

About us

Examples of disciplines which could make use of this infrastructure are language technology, linguistics, digital humanities and social science, social robotics and artificial intelligence. The three divisions – Språkbanken Text, Språkbanken Tal and Språkbanken Sam – cover the main areas of language-based expression.

The National Language Bank has a remit to create possibilities to research digital materials, both written and spoken, using tools and methods from language technology and digital humanities. Large amounts of written and spoken material will also be made more accessible to researchers. Additionally, the infrastructure helps the promotion of languages and language technology in Sweden.

The research infrastructure is collaboratively funded by the Swedish Research Council and 10 universities and government agencies. The Swedish membership in the European research infrastructure CLARIN ERIC External link., is also administered by the National Language Bank.