Tools and resources

Explore and use our digital tools and resources. Here we provide links to a selection.

Nationella språkbanken is actively working to develop a language technology infrastructure. We create, harmonize, and standardize free language resources. Additionally, we develop tools to explore the resources and make them accessible.


Dialektkartan. Contains hundreds of older dialect recordings from various parts of Sweden. Explore. External link.

Edyson. A tool that allows you to quickly get an overview of an audio material. Explore External link.. External link.

Folke. A digital archive service where you can access extensive folklore material that is 70 years or older. Explore. External link. Join the group Använda Folke. External link. at Facebook.

Yiddish-Swedish-Yiddish Dictionary. Explore. External link.

Korp. A word-centric research tool that you use to explore large amounts of language-processed texts from, among other things, newspapers, government data, fiction, and social media. Explore. External link.

Karp. A lexical research platform and an editorial environment for twenty different lexicons. Explore. External link.

Lexin. Dictionary for fifteen minority languages. Explore. External link.

Mink. A platform that enables the downloading and analysis of your own linguistic research data. Explore.

Miänkieli-Swedish Dictionary. Explore. External link.

National Term Bank. Sweden's National Term Bank with around 130,000 terms from various subject areas. Explore. External link.

Social Glossary Swedish-Swedish Sign Language. Support for anyone who wants to use Swedish Sign Language in public settings. Explore. External link.

Sparv. A text analysis tool that is used, among other things, to analyze the corpora in Korp and the texts in Strix. Explore. External link.

Strix. A document-centric research tool that, like Korp, is used to explore large amounts of language-technologically processed texts, but at the document level. Strix contains a subset of the texts that Korp makes available, which depends on copyright. Explore. External link.

Sägenkartan. Contains about 10,000 archive records of legends from Sweden, Finland, and Norway. Explore. External link.

Topics2Themes. An example of topic modeling, a language technology method that makes it easier to find, sort, and analyze large amounts of text. Explore. External link.