The annual autumn workshop was first organized in October 2011 by the Language Bank in Gothenburg - now Språkbanken Text. Since 2018, the event has been organized by the National Language Bank. The workshop is an inspiring day about language technology and is primarily aimed at researchers who use linguistic material and who can benefit from digital tools to explore them.

This year's workshop theme: linguistic variation

Time: Monday, October 23, 2023, at 1-5 pm, followed by a mingle. Location: University of Gothenburg, Humanisten, Renströmsgatan 6, Gothenburg, Lilla Hörsalen C350.


13:00–13:05 Welcome (Lars Borin, Director of the National Language Bank, National Coordinator for Swe-Clarin)

13:05–13:15 Introduction to the Afternoon (Moderator)

13:20–14:00 Korp as a Central Social Actor: Corpus Interfaces, Language Revitalization, and Language Planning for Minority Languages (Trond Trosterud, UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø)

14:00–14:30 SB Text: Mink and Strix 2 (Arild Matsson, Yousuf Ali Mohammed, and Anne Schumacher)

14:30–15:00 SB Speech

15:00–15:30 Coffee Break

15:30–16:00 SB Sam: Language Technology for National Minority Languages (Rickard Domeij and Jacob Larsson)

16:00–16:30 How Fiction Literature Modernized Swedish: Fictional Prose, Authors, and Language Change 1830–1930 (Sara Stymne and David Håkansson, Uppsala University)

16:30–17:00 Closing Remarks (Moderator)

Approximately 17:00 Networking with Refreshments in Guest Dining Room C314

Registration for Workshop 2023

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